“Getting Back On Point”

The 8 week Transformation Challenge

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A major component relating to the  probability of your success, is your level of desire. How much are you willing to do, go through, or put up with, before you quit.

After years of promoting events, & coaching many athletes such as bodybuilders I have witnessed a common trait among those who succeed and make it to a competition stage and those who quit before the competition. Desire

One’s level of desire is a major factor.  In my estimation from personal experiences as a coach and event promoter, I would say that half of the people that intend to compete drop out long before the contest.

The thing that I have noticed when coaching is the way in which the successful people describe their goal during my assessment evaluation. I can almost predict who will quit and who will make it to the stage months before we get there.

These “Champions” have a very clear picture of their goals and strong emotional connections to them.

You may not be intending to compete in a contest.  You still can learn how to motivate yourself to achieve your fitness goals by developing a strong inner desire like successfull bodybuilders and fitness competitors.


What is your goal? Take a moment to think about your fitness goals. Write them down and review them daily. What do you want to look like? How do you want to feel? What do you want to be able to do? What are the timelines of your goals ? What are your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5 yr & lifetime fitness goals? How do you intend to live the rest of your life?

Brainstorm your goals and write them down.

Thinking about how achieving your fitness goals will positively impact other areas, experiences and people in your life will help you create the leverage you will need to create the desire, dedication and determination you will need.

Additionally thinking about the negative impact on your life if you do not improve your fitness level. How will this negatively affect the life of yourself and those around you?

Creating leverage

“understanding, your why”

The pursuit and achievement of your goals will have a positive effect on a many areas of your life. Think about and write down how the rest of your life will be positively impacted by the pursuit and achievement of your fitness goals.

A few brainstorming ideas below to get you thinking about various areas of your life. It’s your job to think about and visualize how your fitness level will impact your life…..

Health, longevity, life span, energy, strength, endurance, flexibility, vitality, family, friends, self esteem, confidence, feeling of significance, pride, work life, education, school, mental health, spiritual health, finances, energy, self esteem, relationships, romantic relationship, ability to help others, enjoy life, enhanced life experiences, ability to act, relationship with nature, physical activities, outdoor activities, play, live with passion, spiritual, physical, social, family, financial, vocational, career, business, mental, learning, personal development.

Associating a variety of deep feelings, mental images and stories, to the pursuit of your fitness goals will create great power to draw upon for motivation in your moments of weakness.

When you don’t feel like working out, doing cardio or eating the food you should eat. Think about these associations you have made to create the you the motivation to do the right thing.  

Brainstorm your goals and write them down, and create strong mental images. Dream big, dream often.

Now…… Do it……

Take care,

Your Friend and Fitness coach

Jeremy Williams

The 8 week Transformation Challenge = Day one message one

“Getting Back On Point”

The 8-week Transformation Challenge

Day One. message one.

Here we are. Day one. No more messing around.

Basic Starting components

Now that you have decided to take your fitness to the next level there are a few things to consider and take care of.


As soon as possible I suggest you take some before pics and do some measurements. This will help monitor your progress.  I suggest at least some basics such as:

  1. Pictures
  2. Weight
  3. Tape measurements
  4. Skinfold measurements with a bodyfat caliper

I have had my daughters take my pics and help with my measurements. I will share these at a later date after I have made some progress but I can honestly say I think I am in the worst shape of my life. Maybe you’re in the same place. I am excited for this because if there’s one thing I know it’s how to change a physique.

Meal Prep

You also need to figure out a system for prepping your food. To be successful you need to set yourself up for success by having your meals ready. The people that succeed find a system that works for them asap. In the past, I have used and seen many systems for preparing and packaging food.  Everyone has some sort of family, work or life issues that bring up challenges. Whatever you need to do to be sure you have meals ready as well as some sort of back up.  Here are a few variables that people have used to adapt to their lifestyles.

  • Individual meals packed Tupperware or baggies
  • Prepped meals one day out up to one week out
  • Pre made protein shakes in the fridge
  • Food prepped and stored in large Tupperware in the fridge and each day the meals are made from the large batch and placed into daily meals.
  • Meals prepped placed in the freezer and then one day out placed in the fridge to defrost one day before. This seems to work well for the people that prep 5 or more days worth of food.

I am setting out to prep for about 3 days of food at once. My daughters and I are doing it together so we are having fun with the planning and preparing of meals.

Weight Train

You need to set out to train your entire body once a week with weights. We will add details to this but for now. Figure out how many days a week you can commit to working out and then break the body up so you train the entire body once a week.

I am going to be training in the garage with my daughters and we are doing the following schedule.


You also need to do cardio at least 3 days a week. Strive to do it every day if possible. Try alternating one-day low heart rate the next day high heart rate. 80%(220 minus age times .80)  of max on high days. 60% of max ( 220 minus age times .60)  on low days. Start with 20 min a day.   

We intend to do cardio every day.

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Your Goal is to set out to start. Start Now. When you mess up, don’t quit just realize where you went wrong and move on. The hardest part is starting and staying on track in the beginning. I am here for you. I will be sending more details every day. Feel free to ask me questions, and share your problems and successes. This will help me help you and others more effectively. Go the store get the food you need. Prep the food. Package your meals and set yourself up for success. Start working out and doing cardio. Just make each day better than the last.

Start NOW

Start Now!!!!

8 week Transformation program: “Getting Back on Point” Personal & Group Coaching through Self Coaching. Get in shape with Jeremy Williams

8 week Transformation program: “Getting Back on Point” Personal & Group Coaching through Self Coaching. Get in shape with Jeremy Williams

Access to the 8 week program: “Getting Back on Point” Personal & Group Coaching through Self Coaching. Get in shape with Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams, shares his 8 week journey as he coaches himself back into shape. He shares the day to day challenges, and the strategies he uses to overcome them. Read his private posts and watch his personal videos along this 8 week program as each day and week builds upon the success of the last.

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8 week transformation program – “Getting Back On Point” Here….

Three Sets To Success

3 SETS TO SUCCESS        Jeremy Williams Exercise Program

Williams Program Basic Weight Training Guidelines

  1. Train each body part once a week to with intensity (to failure).
  2. 3-6 sets per body part
  3. 1-3 sets per exercise
  4. 1-6 exercises per bodypart
  5. Train each set to failure
  6. Train with good form
  7. Do not do movements that hurt do to a pre-existing injury


Bodypart workout template example


Warm up set  20-40 reps

Exercise # 1

1-2 sets

12-20 reps


Exercise # 2

1-2 sets

8-12 reps


Exercise # 3

1-2 sets

3-8 reps


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun





(Upper & lower)




(Delts & Traps)





Mon (Quads & Calves)


Standing calf raises


Tue (Chest & Abs)

Bench press


Wed (Back)

Bent over rows


Thu (Hamstrings & Calves)

Straight leg deadlifts

Standing calf raises


Fri (Shoulders (Delts & Traps)

Side lateral raises

Front lateral raises

Rear lateral raises



Sat (Biceps & Forearms)


Wrist curls

Reverse grip wrist curls


Sun (Triceps)


Overhead tricep extensions


Examples of weekly body part groupings


7 days/week program option

Day 1 Quads, Calves

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Hams, Calves

Day 5 Shoulders

Day 6 Biceps

Day 7 triceps


6 days/week program option

1 Day off per week. You may adjust where your “Off day falls depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 5 Biceps

Day 6 Triceps


5 days/week program option

2 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 5 Biceps, Triceps


4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest, Triceps

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Day 4 Shoulders  (deltoid, trapezius)


4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Biceps, Triceps


4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Day 4 Triceps, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)


3 days/week program option

4Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest, Triceps, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Six Contest Prep Tips

6 Contest Prep Tips

What are elite competitors doing that you are not?

NW Fitness Magazine – Jeremy Williams

Six Contest Prep Tips
Six Contest Prep Tips
6 Contest Prep Tips
6 Contest Prep Tips

6 Contest Prep Tips

What are elite competitors doing that you are not?

Few people are accomplishing these six things that may have a dramatic impact on your condition at the next contest. Stop searching for the “Hollywood Corn Diet”. If you achieve these six keys, you are likely to improve your physique at your next competition.

1-Start with more muscle

2-Start leaner

3-Diet longer

4-Diet harder

5-Start from a better metabolic state

6-Start from a point where you are eating a larger variety of food sources and in turn a wider variety of nutrients.

1-Start with more muscle…. So many competitors are not executing an offseason regimen that is conducive to achieving this goal. Many competitors compete season after season with little or no improvement in their competition appearance. Many factors contribute to this but the one I would like to bring to your attention is the need to have a productive off season. These days, it seems as though, many people that are not dedicated in the off season. The show ends and they go back to partying on the weekends, excessive alcohol intake, erratic sleep patterns, either overtraining or undertraining, and going back to a diet that is unstructured, inconsistent and is not nutrient dense. Heads up! There is more to “offseason GAINZ BRO” than heavy lifting, calories, protein, carbs and fat. Get educated, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients play a major role in allowing your body to restore organ/gland functions and, hormone balances that you most likely negatively impacted with your contest prep diet. Learn how to remedy this common destructive pattern.

2- Start leaner – Once you come to the realization that you need to be leaner on stage for you next show, before you go out in search of a new diet coach. Consider that if you did the same thing you did last time but just started your prep from a leaner standpoint, you would end up leaner on stage, as long as you don’t kill your metabolism by excessive cardio and malnourishment. How far off was your condition? Could you just be a little more serious in the off season and maintain a lower bodyfat. Many competitors are failing to recognize a significant common factor among the majority elite competitors. The people that show up on stage in the best condition are the same people that started in the best condition. Get serious and stop getting so out of shape in the off season. Do you really believe it is healthy to put on an excessive amount of fat and water retention, with the intent and understanding that you will be eliminating it in the shortest time within your ability. I understand that this is somewhat of the basic nature of this sport, but I challenge you to consider asking yourself and searching for a healthier possibility.

3- Diet longer – Building on the last point of starting leaner. If you not only start the diet with less body fat but also begin your “contest diet” a few weeks earlier than last time, wouldn’t this give you more control over your condition. The answer is… yes, as long as you don’t kill your metabolism by too much cardio and malnourishment. If you are able to achieve the stage condition of your last contest 3-4 weeks out this time, then you’re likely to come in better this time, I would hope.

4 – Diet harder – Stop cheating on your diet! Rather than jumping to the conclusion that you are not on the best diet. Consider asking yourself….”Am I doing my best on this diet”? From my experience it is very rare to see a competitor that does not cheat on the contest diet and take a step back every so often. This is not only frustrating for the competitor but these contest prep coaches that really have few people actually following “the program” they are presented with. A majority of competitors just do a variation of the diet that is within their will power. When the show is over, if a competitor is unhappy with a placing or the condition attained, then seek out a new “prep coach” claiming that the last coaches program was not good for them in some way. The sad reality is that few people have the willpower to follow most prep plans consistently enough to make such a claim. What you wind up with is people going from coach to coach, diet to diet only doing a variation that is conducive to their lifestyle and psychology. As the years go by they are likely to gain muscle I would hope and at the time they finally win a show or come out on “top”. The coach and program that they happen to be with at that time is somehow in their mind the best. Failing to realize reason for the majority of the improvement has been the years of training and average of your consistencies. If you want to make an immediate change in your prep this time, then stop cheating on your diet or at least set out to cheat less. There are definitely underlying reasons for hunger and cravings. Understanding these causes will empower one’s ability to creating a program that is less devastating to your metabolism. That is an article in itself, for next time. Until then….suck it up and stop cheating on your diet.

5- Start from an optimized metabolic state – If you were able to start your next “contest diet” from a better metabolic state, wouldn’t that optimize your ability to retain if not build muscle during the prep. Additionally get leaner in less time and most importantly obtain a level of condition far superior to your last condition. Did your off season diet have a strategy to set you up for success from a metabolic standpoint. Are you providing the appropriate resistance and, cardiovascular training? Is your training designed to synergistically compliment the nutrients provided through your diet with a goal of optimizing your metabolism and overall health. I am taking about the speed of all cellular activity, as well as optimizing organ and gland functions and in turn hormone balances. Successfully managing this type of strategy may require a deeper level of understanding than calories, protein, fats, and carbs. Start your next contest diet from a healthier standpoint, with organ systems and glands that are functioning to the best of their ability and more likely to create hormone balences conducive to obtaining a lean muscular physique.

What is your metabolism? What contributes to your metabolism? What major factors impact your metabolism? What can you do to naturally optimize your metabolism? Seek answers and natural solutions not short cuts that impact your health negatively. Empower yourself through education not the latest fad.

6 – Start from a point where you are eating a larger variety of food sources and in turn a wider variety of nutrients. This statement builds upon “starting from a better metabolic state”. It is surely common practice for most “contest prep diets” to purposely decrease, in some variation: calories,protein, fats, or carbs as time goes on. As one purposely decreases these macronutrients, they are also decreasing what i assume is already a limited supply of vitamins, minerals and micronutrients that are required for an optimally functioning organism (You). By dramatically decreasing the quantity and variety of food and nutrients you are also decreasing the efficiency of the countless balances, functions and reactions. As time goes on, the body adapts by performing various functions through less optimal variations, slowing down less vital functions. The list goes on, this scenario also creates multiple excessive by products that further tax organ systems that are already functioning less that optimal. Consider make an off season diet goal to provide your body with the widest range of nutrients from a large variety of healthy nutrient dense food. Would this aid in building more muscle in the off season and retaining less fat? If you start your contest prep diet from this place would you have a larger variety of food to switch out to lose fat as the weeks go on? Would you be less likely to cause permanent damage to organs, glands and hormone balences because you started from a healthier place?
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