8 week Transformation program: “Getting Back on Point”

Balancing: Health Fitness & Lifestyle
Balancing: Health Fitness & Lifestyle.

Are you FED-UP  being out of shape? I know I was!

That was why I started my journey to GET BACK IN SHAPE. You can download my NEW BOOK Balancing Health, Fitness & Lifestyle. It contains my Quick start Diet guidelines & 3 Sets to success training program in it: http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

It just takes moments to download it for free: http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

After years of competing in bodybuilding as well as coaching others in the sport I got burned out and shifted my attention on other areas of my life. My own health & fitness has taken a back seat for far too long. Im sure you can relate. Maybe you were in better shape in your past or have always wanted to improve your fitness level.

I am through with being out of shape and it’s time to “GET BACK ON POINT”! I would like to help out as many people as I can along the way. It makes the journey more enjoyable, feels good to help others, and of course, creates a bit more leverage and accountability on this fitness journey.

I will be utilizing principles learned from over 30 years of bodybuilding experiences as well as formal education from my paramedic…. ect  health sciences knowledge. I challenge you to use these proven strategies to transform your fitness level with me.

It is important to me this time around that I maintain balance and energy in all areas of life while undergoing this fitness transformation, which is something i’m sure you can appreciate, cant you? Let’s get in shape together but be sure to enjoy the process, & maintain a balanced life.

I have set a series of goals, as should you. I intend to make a significant change over the next 8 weeks. So I have developed the “8 week Fitness Transformation Program”. As well as the book: Balancing, Health, Fitness & Lifestyle, to be used as a guide.

I would like to give you the Digital download of the book to get you started on your path to improved fitness.http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

Over the next 8 weeks I will be sharing what I am doing, Why I am doing it, the challenges I am facing, and the options I have to overcome them. You can use this to your benefit. I will also be coaching other group members and answering questions on the Group coaching platform. http://nwfitbook.com/membership-join/

I would like to invite you to “Get Back On Point” with me and the rest of the “NW FitClub” as we motivate each other. Let’s learn from the experiences of everyone in the group as I openly coach myself and others to fitness success through proven positive reinforcements.

Consistency & Accountability is the key to success in this. So I have created multiple ways to hold all of us accountable to each other. I want to be sure you are getting the updates every day. Weather you log into the site or not. NW FitClub Members will also receive the daily coaching info through email reminder links posted to the NW FitClub FB group and page.

This Program is for anyone wanting to get in better shape, enjoy the  process, and maintain balance in life. Just because I used to be a competitive bodybuilder does not mean you have to be one too. I am doing this 8 week transformation with my two daughters and plan on having fun along the way. This is family friendly and co ed fitness programming.

I will be fine tuning, & updating the book over the next 8 weeks, but the info in there right now is the info you need to get started and start making changes and progress with me.

Summer is coming whether you are ready or not. This year I am going to be back in shape! ARE YOU?!

As your new fitness coach, I am giving you a  few things to do:

1- Download the free book http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

2- Join NW FitClub as a member to get deeper explanations of the material, daily motivation.  http://nwfitbook.com/membership-join/

Its Go Time!

Jeremy Williams

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