“Getting Back On Point”

The 8 week Transformation Challenge

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A major component relating to the  probability of your success, is your level of desire. How much are you willing to do, go through, or put up with, before you quit.

After years of promoting events, & coaching many athletes such as bodybuilders I have witnessed a common trait among those who succeed and make it to a competition stage and those who quit before the competition. Desire

One’s level of desire is a major factor.  In my estimation from personal experiences as a coach and event promoter, I would say that half of the people that intend to compete drop out long before the contest.

The thing that I have noticed when coaching is the way in which the successful people describe their goal during my assessment evaluation. I can almost predict who will quit and who will make it to the stage months before we get there.

These “Champions” have a very clear picture of their goals and strong emotional connections to them.

You may not be intending to compete in a contest.  You still can learn how to motivate yourself to achieve your fitness goals by developing a strong inner desire like successfull bodybuilders and fitness competitors.


What is your goal? Take a moment to think about your fitness goals. Write them down and review them daily. What do you want to look like? How do you want to feel? What do you want to be able to do? What are the timelines of your goals ? What are your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, 5 yr & lifetime fitness goals? How do you intend to live the rest of your life?

Brainstorm your goals and write them down.

Thinking about how achieving your fitness goals will positively impact other areas, experiences and people in your life will help you create the leverage you will need to create the desire, dedication and determination you will need.

Additionally thinking about the negative impact on your life if you do not improve your fitness level. How will this negatively affect the life of yourself and those around you?

Creating leverage

“understanding, your why”

The pursuit and achievement of your goals will have a positive effect on a many areas of your life. Think about and write down how the rest of your life will be positively impacted by the pursuit and achievement of your fitness goals.

A few brainstorming ideas below to get you thinking about various areas of your life. It’s your job to think about and visualize how your fitness level will impact your life…..

Health, longevity, life span, energy, strength, endurance, flexibility, vitality, family, friends, self esteem, confidence, feeling of significance, pride, work life, education, school, mental health, spiritual health, finances, energy, self esteem, relationships, romantic relationship, ability to help others, enjoy life, enhanced life experiences, ability to act, relationship with nature, physical activities, outdoor activities, play, live with passion, spiritual, physical, social, family, financial, vocational, career, business, mental, learning, personal development.

Associating a variety of deep feelings, mental images and stories, to the pursuit of your fitness goals will create great power to draw upon for motivation in your moments of weakness.

When you don’t feel like working out, doing cardio or eating the food you should eat. Think about these associations you have made to create the you the motivation to do the right thing.  

Brainstorm your goals and write them down, and create strong mental images. Dream big, dream often.

Now…… Do it……

Take care,

Your Friend and Fitness coach

Jeremy Williams

8 week Transformation program: “Getting Back on Point”

Are you FED-UP  being out of shape? I know I was!

That was why I started my journey to GET BACK IN SHAPE. You can download my NEW BOOK Balancing Health, Fitness & Lifestyle. It contains my Quick start Diet guidelines & 3 Sets to success training program in it: http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

It just takes moments to download it for free: http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

After years of competing in bodybuilding as well as coaching others in the sport I got burned out and shifted my attention on other areas of my life. My own health & fitness has taken a back seat for far too long. Im sure you can relate. Maybe you were in better shape in your past or have always wanted to improve your fitness level.

I am through with being out of shape and it’s time to “GET BACK ON POINT”! I would like to help out as many people as I can along the way. It makes the journey more enjoyable, feels good to help others, and of course, creates a bit more leverage and accountability on this fitness journey.

I will be utilizing principles learned from over 30 years of bodybuilding experiences as well as formal education from my paramedic…. ect  health sciences knowledge. I challenge you to use these proven strategies to transform your fitness level with me.

It is important to me this time around that I maintain balance and energy in all areas of life while undergoing this fitness transformation, which is something i’m sure you can appreciate, cant you? Let’s get in shape together but be sure to enjoy the process, & maintain a balanced life.

I have set a series of goals, as should you. I intend to make a significant change over the next 8 weeks. So I have developed the “8 week Fitness Transformation Program”. As well as the book: Balancing, Health, Fitness & Lifestyle, to be used as a guide.

I would like to give you the Digital download of the book to get you started on your path to improved fitness.http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

Over the next 8 weeks I will be sharing what I am doing, Why I am doing it, the challenges I am facing, and the options I have to overcome them. You can use this to your benefit. I will also be coaching other group members and answering questions on the Group coaching platform. http://nwfitbook.com/membership-join/

I would like to invite you to “Get Back On Point” with me and the rest of the “NW FitClub” as we motivate each other. Let’s learn from the experiences of everyone in the group as I openly coach myself and others to fitness success through proven positive reinforcements.

Consistency & Accountability is the key to success in this. So I have created multiple ways to hold all of us accountable to each other. I want to be sure you are getting the updates every day. Weather you log into the site or not. NW FitClub Members will also receive the daily coaching info through email reminder links posted to the NW FitClub FB group and page.

This Program is for anyone wanting to get in better shape, enjoy the  process, and maintain balance in life. Just because I used to be a competitive bodybuilder does not mean you have to be one too. I am doing this 8 week transformation with my two daughters and plan on having fun along the way. This is family friendly and co ed fitness programming.

I will be fine tuning, & updating the book over the next 8 weeks, but the info in there right now is the info you need to get started and start making changes and progress with me.

Summer is coming whether you are ready or not. This year I am going to be back in shape! ARE YOU?!

As your new fitness coach, I am giving you a  few things to do:

1- Download the free book http://nwfitbook.com/redeem-your-free-ebook-digital-downloadsp/

2- Join NW FitClub as a member to get deeper explanations of the material, daily motivation.  http://nwfitbook.com/membership-join/

Its Go Time!

Jeremy Williams

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8 week Transformation program: “Getting Back on Point” Personal & Group Coaching through Self Coaching. Get in shape with Jeremy Williams

8 week Transformation program: “Getting Back on Point” Personal & Group Coaching through Self Coaching. Get in shape with Jeremy Williams

Access to the 8 week program: “Getting Back on Point” Personal & Group Coaching through Self Coaching. Get in shape with Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams, shares his 8 week journey as he coaches himself back into shape. He shares the day to day challenges, and the strategies he uses to overcome them. Read his private posts and watch his personal videos along this 8 week program as each day and week builds upon the success of the last.

This content is accessible  for NW Fit Club V.I.P Members

Register as a NW Fit Club V.I.P Member HERE….. and take the 8 week challenge to “Get Back on Point” & get in shape  Jeremy Williams

Daily advice, Videos, images, tips, tricks, Post questions in the NW Fit Club V.I.P member group for Jeremy to answer. Private message Jeremy through the NW Fit Book personal message system.

8 week transformation program – “Getting Back On Point” Here….

Williams Sisters pineapple coconut protein smoothie. NW Fit Club

Williams Sisters pineapple coconut protein smoothie. NW Fit Club – “Getting Back On Point” with Jeremy, Erin & Paige Williams – NW Fit Fam –


Three Sets To Success

3 SETS TO SUCCESS        Jeremy Williams Exercise Program

Williams Program Basic Weight Training Guidelines

  1. Train each body part once a week to with intensity (to failure).
  2. 3-6 sets per body part
  3. 1-3 sets per exercise
  4. 1-6 exercises per bodypart
  5. Train each set to failure
  6. Train with good form
  7. Do not do movements that hurt do to a pre-existing injury


Bodypart workout template example


Warm up set  20-40 reps

Exercise # 1

1-2 sets

12-20 reps


Exercise # 2

1-2 sets

8-12 reps


Exercise # 3

1-2 sets

3-8 reps


Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun





(Upper & lower)




(Delts & Traps)





Mon (Quads & Calves)


Standing calf raises


Tue (Chest & Abs)

Bench press


Wed (Back)

Bent over rows


Thu (Hamstrings & Calves)

Straight leg deadlifts

Standing calf raises


Fri (Shoulders (Delts & Traps)

Side lateral raises

Front lateral raises

Rear lateral raises



Sat (Biceps & Forearms)


Wrist curls

Reverse grip wrist curls


Sun (Triceps)


Overhead tricep extensions


Examples of weekly body part groupings


7 days/week program option

Day 1 Quads, Calves

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Hams, Calves

Day 5 Shoulders

Day 6 Biceps

Day 7 triceps


6 days/week program option

1 Day off per week. You may adjust where your “Off day falls depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 5 Biceps

Day 6 Triceps


5 days/week program option

2 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 5 Biceps, Triceps


4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest, Triceps

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Day 4 Shoulders  (deltoid, trapezius)


4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves

Day 2 Chest, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 3 Back

Day 4 Biceps, Triceps


4 days/week program option

3 Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Day 4 Triceps, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)


3 days/week program option

4Days off per week. You may adjust where your “Off days fall depending on your preference

Day 1 Legs (quads, hamstrings, calves)

Day 2 Chest, Triceps, Shoulders (deltoid, trapezius)

Day 3 Back, Biceps

Quick Start Guide lines

Jeremy Williams Quick Start Guidelines

The Quick Start Guidelines give you enough info and goals to start making some positive changes. Start implementing these guidelines now. As you take in more information and learn more you will adopt new changes and make adjustments where necessary. For now master the basics and implement the Quick Start Guidelines.  Chances are you are not succeeding in all of these 8 basic goals.  It is likely that to initiate some major changes in your physical appearance and performance you do not need to implement a extreme training or complex nutrition program.  Most of the people I have come across that seeking improvement, from the stay at home mom desiring the youthful body of her past to the advanced competitive bodybuilder, have similar habits hindering their success. They fail to consistently succeed at these Basic Guidelines the majority of the time. Study these 8 Quick Start Guidelines and reflect back on your current lifestyle. Think about your average day, not your best day, not your worst day but the way your training and nutrition is the majority of the time. Reflect back and look at your past week as a whole. How consistent were you at succeeding in the guidelines?  Could you do better more often? Yes! Now find a way to do it! Make the decision and start now! Its go time! Get on point

Quick Start Guidelines:

  1. Stop eating and drinking the obvious bad things
  2. Eat within 90 min of waking
  3. Eat every 2 – 3 hour
  4. Do not go to bed starving. (Eat within 90 min of going to bed)
  5. Every meal needs a protein & carbohydrate source. Strive to eat a vegetable with each meal as well.
  6. Drink a Glass of water with every meal, and during exercise.
  7. Do Cardio at least 3 times per week
  8. Weight train at least 3 times per week

In reviewing these guidelines many new questions may come up for you. You may think you need to have the answer to a few more questions per guideline to properly start out on the right foot. If this is the case, you are not giving yourself enough credit. You are smart enough to get started within these 8 parameters. There is so much information out there on nutrition and training that it seems to overwhelm people and they tend to overcomplicate everything. So many people over complicate it to  the point that they never start.  It is very likely that the answer to your question will come later in this program when necessary. I will provide you with information and goals in a systematic orderly fashion strategically designed to build upon the principles and skills that you previously will have learned and mastered. Strive to make each day and week better than the last.

Contest Prep Resource directory

Contest Prep Resource Directory