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Jeremy Williams Quick Start Guidelines

The Quick Start Guidelines give you enough info and goals to start making some positive changes. Start implementing these guidelines now. As you take in more information and learn more you will adopt new changes and make adjustments where necessary. For now master the basics and implement the Quick Start Guidelines.  Chances are you are not succeeding in all of these 8 basic goals.  It is likely that to initiate some major changes in your physical appearance and performance you do not need to implement a extreme training or complex nutrition program.  Most of the people I have come across that seeking improvement, from the stay at home mom desiring the youthful body of her past to the advanced competitive bodybuilder, have similar habits hindering their success. They fail to consistently succeed at these Basic Guidelines the majority of the time. Study these 8 Quick Start Guidelines and reflect back on your current lifestyle. Think about your average day, not your best day, not your worst day but the way your training and nutrition is the majority of the time. Reflect back and look at your past week as a whole. How consistent were you at succeeding in the guidelines?  Could you do better more often? Yes! Now find a way to do it! Make the decision and start now! Its go time! Get on point

Quick Start Guidelines:

  1. Stop eating and drinking the obvious bad things
  2. Eat within 90 min of waking
  3. Eat every 2 – 3 hour
  4. Do not go to bed starving. (Eat within 90 min of going to bed)
  5. Every meal needs a protein & carbohydrate source. Strive to eat a vegetable with each meal as well.
  6. Drink a Glass of water with every meal, and during exercise.
  7. Do Cardio at least 3 times per week
  8. Weight train at least 3 times per week

In reviewing these guidelines many new questions may come up for you. You may think you need to have the answer to a few more questions per guideline to properly start out on the right foot. If this is the case, you are not giving yourself enough credit. You are smart enough to get started within these 8 parameters. There is so much information out there on nutrition and training that it seems to overwhelm people and they tend to overcomplicate everything. So many people over complicate it to  the point that they never start.  It is very likely that the answer to your question will come later in this program when necessary. I will provide you with information and goals in a systematic orderly fashion strategically designed to build upon the principles and skills that you previously will have learned and mastered. Strive to make each day and week better than the last.

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