The 8 week Transformation Challenge = Day one message one

Balancing: Health Fitness & Lifestyle
Balancing: Health Fitness & Lifestyle.

“Getting Back On Point”

The 8-week Transformation Challenge

Day One. message one.

Here we are. Day one. No more messing around.

Basic Starting components

Now that you have decided to take your fitness to the next level there are a few things to consider and take care of.


As soon as possible I suggest you take some before pics and do some measurements. This will help monitor your progress.  I suggest at least some basics such as:

  1. Pictures
  2. Weight
  3. Tape measurements
  4. Skinfold measurements with a bodyfat caliper

I have had my daughters take my pics and help with my measurements. I will share these at a later date after I have made some progress but I can honestly say I think I am in the worst shape of my life. Maybe you’re in the same place. I am excited for this because if there’s one thing I know it’s how to change a physique.

Meal Prep

You also need to figure out a system for prepping your food. To be successful you need to set yourself up for success by having your meals ready. The people that succeed find a system that works for them asap. In the past, I have used and seen many systems for preparing and packaging food.  Everyone has some sort of family, work or life issues that bring up challenges. Whatever you need to do to be sure you have meals ready as well as some sort of back up.  Here are a few variables that people have used to adapt to their lifestyles.

  • Individual meals packed Tupperware or baggies
  • Prepped meals one day out up to one week out
  • Pre made protein shakes in the fridge
  • Food prepped and stored in large Tupperware in the fridge and each day the meals are made from the large batch and placed into daily meals.
  • Meals prepped placed in the freezer and then one day out placed in the fridge to defrost one day before. This seems to work well for the people that prep 5 or more days worth of food.

I am setting out to prep for about 3 days of food at once. My daughters and I are doing it together so we are having fun with the planning and preparing of meals.

Weight Train

You need to set out to train your entire body once a week with weights. We will add details to this but for now. Figure out how many days a week you can commit to working out and then break the body up so you train the entire body once a week.

I am going to be training in the garage with my daughters and we are doing the following schedule.


You also need to do cardio at least 3 days a week. Strive to do it every day if possible. Try alternating one-day low heart rate the next day high heart rate. 80%(220 minus age times .80)  of max on high days. 60% of max ( 220 minus age times .60)  on low days. Start with 20 min a day.   

We intend to do cardio every day.

So that I can successfully, inspire, motivate, educate and hold you accounted I have a variety of thing I  want you to connect with. So you get messages, emails, social media reminders.

  1. Register as a NW FitClub Member her to be sure you get the emails and are able to read the protected content
  2. Like the NW Fit Club Page on Facebook to receive notifications when program info is sent out.
  3. Join the NW Fit Club Facebook Group to receive notifications when program info is sent out

Your Goal is to set out to start. Start Now. When you mess up, don’t quit just realize where you went wrong and move on. The hardest part is starting and staying on track in the beginning. I am here for you. I will be sending more details every day. Feel free to ask me questions, and share your problems and successes. This will help me help you and others more effectively. Go the store get the food you need. Prep the food. Package your meals and set yourself up for success. Start working out and doing cardio. Just make each day better than the last.

Start NOW

Start Now!!!!

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